Kiss Kristin

First Impressions

On the free tour for KissKristin there’s a picture of the lovely model in a tight latex top and a pair of latex panties. Right next to that is a picture of her wearing tight leather pants. As soon as I saw those two images I knew this was the kind of girl I would enjoy getting to know a little better. The central image of Kristin’s tour shows her topless and looking quite serious. I found it to be a pleasant departure from the typical smiling teenage babe in her cute clothes and makeup. I can’t wait to get inside and see what she has to offer.

Hot Promises

The tour page is quite deliberate about telling you what’s inside. There are sexy photos, hot videos that she loves to pose for, and lots of extras including webcam shows, forum chat, and wallpapers. You’ll also see those leather pants. The free tour offers images of Kristin in a leather teddy holding a broadsword, which I know I’ve never seen anywhere else. There’s also a small picture of her stuffing a dildo inside her pussy, which has me feeling excited. It seems like KissKristin is going to be something a little different.


The member’s area begins with a short introduction from Kristin as she points out the highlights of her site and gives us hugs and kisses. Down the page you’ll find the latest updates, including preview images. You can also access the ten bonus sites that come with your membership here. They’ve also smeared a number of ads on the main page, which is hugely annoying. One ad is fine, but you don’t need to hit me with six of them.

Browsing through the tour I was most excited to see Kristin’s picture galleries, so that’s where I went first. She has more than 100 galleries so far and she’s been updating her site once every three to four days lately so that number is likely to grow quickly. More than any teen babe I’ve seen in recent months Kristin mixes it up in her galleries. In one update she’ll be wearing a t-shirt and jeans and in the next she’ll be wearing a leather teddy and holding a broadsword. It shows she has quite an imagination and makes it more fun to look through all her content.

Most galleries have 50-100 images that can be viewed in a medium or high resolution. You can also configure a slideshow to flip through all the images while you enjoy them hands free. The central star of each gallery is Kristin’s impressive beauty; she has gorgeous blue eyes, lovely blonde hair, and a flawless body. In one gallery she’s working a super cutie look and in the next she’s playing the part of the seductress hunting her pretty. Put it all together and you’ve got a great and varied experience.

There are a number of galleries that stood out to me as notable, but I’ve singled out three in particular that are worth mentioning. The first features Kristin in black latex pants and a tight tank top. The most amazing part of the gallery is when she turns around and bends over so we can see her amazing ass in the skin tight pants. On the lighter side of things I really enjoyed watching Kristin pose in a peach colored camisole and panties made from sexy lace. Her hair was styled in a beautiful way and she looks positively angelic. Finally there’s the gallery titled ‘Vampire Slayer’ in which Kristin adopts the strong posture of a kick ass babe while posing in tight leather pants and a sexy t-shirt.

Kristin has 23 video clips for her loyal fans, each of which can be downloaded in WMV. The resolution isn’t great on these clips, but it’s good enough that you’ll be able to enjoy the experience. Most scenes begin with Kristin clothed and end with her spreading her legs and playing with her pussy. In one she penetrates her pussy with a long black dildo while wearing black latex boots, which is about as hot as it gets. Most scenes are no longer than five minutes and no larger than 20mb.

In general the movies look poorly lit, as though they’re using nothing more than a handheld camera and the light provided by lamps in the room. That doesn’t quite get it done when filming, but once again it’s a minor quibble that won’t end up damaging your experience much in the long run. This is especially true given how many truly hot videos Kristin has put together.

The two clips in which she poses in black latex boots and black lingerie are pretty damn hot. It’s also a pleasure to watch Kristin as she pours baby oil all over her body and gives herself a rubdown. Nothing looks quite as good as a shiny female body. I also enjoyed the video in which she’s posing in a sheer black bra and panties and doing a sexy striptease. She really knows how to move her body, something she probably learned doing webcam shows.

Kristin used to do webcam shows on a pretty frequent basis, but at this point she has nothing scheduled and it doesn’t appear as though she’ll be doing anything soon. However, there’s an entire page of her site dedicated to archived webcam shows, with more than 60 available for download. This is almost as good as the real thing; all you’re missing is the inane chatter that is a hallmark of a typical show. Most of the shows are about 20mb are run for quite some time. The quality isn’t great, but it’s not great when you’re watching the live show either. Each show begins with Kristin fully clothed and over the course she strips, dances, squeezes her tits and plays with herself.

The wallpapers section offers more than 35 desktop decorations for fans of the blonde beauty, each in four resolutions. They’re all very well done and feature some of Kristin’s best ever pictures. The outtakes section features 11 galleries of silly and screwed up pictures that didn’t make it into the final cut. You’ll see Kristin sticking her tongue out, screwing up a pose, laughing uproariously, and more. The forums offer you a chance to talk with other members of the site and Kristin herself, as well as other Spunky models.

Your membership comes with ten bonus sites, each of which stars a gorgeous teen babe with a beautiful body. There are oodles of hot pictures on each site and plenty of downloadable videos as well. Eight of the sites star solo babes, one stars two hotties posing together, and the other is a hardcore porn star site. Together they give you months, if not years, worth of content. It’s an impressive collection of content that adds significant value to your membership.

Croco’s Opinion

KissKristin has a unique flavor to it because of Kristin’s ability to choose outfits that you don’t normally see on a teen babe. She really mixes it up, including leather pants, vinyl underwear, lacy lingerie, and cute t-shirts and tank tops. That variety is what keeps the site feeling fresh and unique, and what keeps you coming back for more. She updates at least once a week and usually twice, keeping you swimming in new content at all times. This is a top notch site well worth your time that’s made even more valuable by the addition of ten bonus sites.


The design is one of the best I’ve seen on a teen babe site and browsing through the various sections is a breeze. The only thing lacking is more preview information on the video clips.

Pricing Policy

You can pay by credit card or online check. The first 30 days cost $24.95 and then rebill at $24.95 every 30 days.

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